Job placement, recruitment and building teams on request. Bodyleasing on FTE or so-called hours.

We will solve your problem

You certainly know how tedious and time-consuming the recruitment process is. Your company is developing, so it needs more specialists to ensure optimal employee occupancy and their efficiency at a satisfactory level. Internal sourcing is not always possible and effective. We will take care of it for you. We will take over the entire process, guaranteeing you effectiveness, as well as other additional, equally important activities.

I want effective recruitment

Benefits for you and your business

No waiting restrictions and unnecessary worries about the effects – a quick and professional recruitment process. We operate in all markets and in any language.

Your hands free from paperwork – you get full document handling.

Guarantee of credibility – a joint account of the employee and the employer allows each party to have access to the documentation.

Relief and release from the laborious duty – everything will be taken care of by experienced HR staff.

How will we operate?

Our point-by-point process

01 First, we need to know your goals, needs and requirements.
02 On their basis, we prepare a valuation, as well as information about the course of the entire process.
03 We start cooperation and immediately get to work.
04 We engage dedicated specialists to work on your process, and we keep you informed about the effects.
05 We provide you with proven and competent specialists, in accordance with your expectations set at the beginning of cooperation.

Is this a service for me and my business?

Yes, if there is a high demand for quick recruitment in your business. Your company is growing rapidly and expanding its activities to new markets, which is why specialists in specific locations and with knowledge of the languages applicable there are required. It is also a service for you when you do not want to engage your internal employees and take their valuable time for activities that are not related to their scope of duties.

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