Your effective sales and customer acquisition in any market and in any language.

This is the end of your problem

At some point in the development of the company, you plan to expand into foreign markets, and then … a glass ceiling. You are not able to overcome certain limitations. We give you a tool thanks to which your products or services will be of interest to foreign customers.

I want to sell abroad

What benefits can you expect?

Guarantee of reaching new, foreign customers.

Full knowledge of the interest in your offer in specific markets

Access to many processes that will save you time.

What are the risks?

"Telephone sales not working..."

Both we and our clients are a living example that telephone sales work … and very well. Properly conducted activities of this type can bring you hundreds of interested people every day!

"No one is answering the phone today..."

This is an oft-repeated myth that has little to do with the truth. Not picking up is the normal order of things and it happens in sales, but also in private matters. Later, everything depends on the consultant’s approach and a good strategy that we guarantee.

"Customer only wants online contact..."

This is a very individual matter and it is true that some people prefer a different form of contact. However, we know from experience that in the case of a telephone conversation, it is much easier to establish a closer relationship, which translates into greater interest and involvement of a potential customer.

Simple and short process

Cooperation with us is transparent

01 Everything depends on the specifics of your industry, so there will be a preliminary analysis on our part.
02 Based on the acquired knowledge and data, we can choose the best tools that will solve your problem.
03 You get a prepared valuation and information necessary for you.
04 That's all. We are ready for implementation

That's all. We are ready for implementation

You want to enter the foreign market and run call center activities there. You want potential customers to reach your offer on their own, but also to meet the expectations of those interested. You want effective information, survey, sales and research campaigns.

I want to use