About us

Curiosity is the first step to hell, and for any entrepreneur, bankruptcy is hell. We do everything to make your sales in the seventh heaven, which is why INVO CALL is the 1st STEP TO PROFIT.

04/ 2019
Szymon and Michał set up INVO CALL
XX/ 2020
We expand our activity to foreign markets
XX/ 2021
We cross the border of 200 employees
XX/ 2022
We are strengthening our position on the market

Mission and vision


We acquire leads for companies through effective tools and the work of specialists, because we believe that people and technology are able to increase the sales of any business

Working with us, we become your guide, which helps to establish a relationship between the potential customer - company to increase the sale of your business. We care about measurable effects, which is why we focus on those activities that will allow you to provide you with real benefits.


The first choice of entrepreneurs in the area of lead generation

We not only care about your development and sales, but we also constantly improve our functioning. We want to provide our services in the best possible way, so that you can say "I invested my money well" during cooperation. Only such an approach brings us closer to the goal on the way to the chair of the industry leader.

"We don't build services to make money. We make money to build better services"

~ Mark Zuckerberg

Our values

It is the fact that we believe in our mission that brings us closer to the realization of our vision every day. Our values accompany us every day, while working with the client and performing our daily duties.

We love numbers. Especially those that confirm excellent results for your company. We rely on them, and they help us in our daily work.
It has long been disproved that a good product sells itself. Sales requires support, and we give it included in our services.
The cooperation of our people. Specialists and technologies and ourselves with you is the perfect recipe for more profit for your company.