International activities in building and acquiring customer bases.

What problem can we solve?

You have a team of great specialists, a sales department, but there are no companies or people to whom sellers can call? We will acquire customer bases for you. Moreover, it will be a collection of such units or companies that are in line with your requirements.

I need a database

Benefits that await you…

The sales department does not have to wait for the database. The power up is very fast, so you can start working on it immediately.

No worries about the type of database. You will get the potential customers you need.

Certainty of the required information. You will receive the data you need to carry out the sales process.

Guarantee of the correct selection of those interested in your offer. All thanks to AI Consumer Intent technology. It is able to very accurately isolate those who will be the best customers for you.

Concerns raised by customers

"Data is immeasurable and unreal..."

The databases we acquire are not random data and information. You are not buying a random list of phone numbers or email addresses that are available on the web. It is a collection of potential customers for your business. We analyze everything in advance, and then we provide you with the data you need.

"It doesn't pay to buy databases..."

That’s true. Especially those mentioned above. The sales department will take it for granted and it will turn out that only a few percent of it was useful data. Fortunately, it is different with us, because it is a database prepared especially for your company, so you can be sure of high sales effectiveness.

"It's better to collect data on your own..."

If only you have the time, possibilities, tools, and specialists in this field – just like in our case. Otherwise, you can only lose.

What will the database acquisition process look like for you?

See what our operation looks like in stages

01 You provide us with the most important information, i.e. volume, industry, geolocation and other data important to you.
02 We present you the valuation of such an implementation.
03 We are working. We engage our specialists, as well as all available tools that help us find potential customers.
04 You get a ready database that you can pass on to the sales department. The database will help you reach a precisely defined group of recipients of your services or products with your offer.

This offer is especially for you if…

Your business operates online or offline and you care about enough personal, contact and behavioral data. You want to improve your sales by reaching the right groups of customers. You plan to optimize your existing database using advanced technology. It is also an offer for your business when you want to monetize your base through effective sales or lead generation activities

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